New Beginnings

So we finally did it. We packed up our lives and have moved out to the country. 

New Beginnings

For the past 10 weeks we have been living at my parents house which has been an absolute blast! But I'm excited to say that we have (finally) found a new rental and moved in yesterday! Yahoo! 

I'm finding sometime amidst the chaos of unpacking to write this post. It's been a while since I blogged. And I really miss it. 

There has been plenty of reasons I have taken a BIG break from blogging. 

One, the wifi went out for nearly 6 weeks at my Mum's. The computer in the office still had internet because it was plugged in but my laptop was out of commission. It seemed hard.

Secondly, living with my family meant a lot of family time! I love being with them so that wasn't too much of a bother. But it did mean that I didn't get a lot done at all for the last several months. 

Lastly and probably the real heart of he matter, I've really lacked a lot of my old spark and drive that I used to have. I used to have passions and hobbies that I so loved doing (including blogging). But recently I've been a little lost. Winter made me a little greyer than expected. Things have subsequently fallen to the wayside.

But today I'm feeling good. More positive. I think moving into our new house this week has been a real blessing and just what I needed. The change has brought some new excitement back to my life and I'm feeling ready to jump head first back into the things I love doing. 

So here I am. Back in the blogging game. Ready for my new start!