Sydney Vacation Day One

James and I have just come back from our wonderful 5 day vacation to Sydney! We had such a blast!

Here on the blog I’m going to give you a little run down of all the exciting things we got up to while we were away.



Day 1 - Monday, 22nd of May.

So we didn't actually leave New Zealand until like 5pm but because of my ridiculous paranoia I made us get to the airport really really early. Around 2pm. I just hate the panic of feeling like I’m running late. Sadly the flip side of that is waiting for hours without a lot to do. It was fine though. We found things to do.

Hanging out waiting for boarding time.

Hanging out waiting for boarding time.

First, we hadn't eaten all day so we got some food. We had burger King. Terrible but delicious! This was just the beginning of all the terrible but delicious food we would eat on our trip.

Skipbo, a great way to pass the time!

Skipbo, a great way to pass the time!

We went through to our gate after that and had about a 2 hour wait there until we needed to board. We had some coins so we played a race car game they had in there. You know the ones you find in arcades where you sit in the hard plastic seats, use a probably filthy steering wheel and drive your imaginary car around on screen. Got to say, I never really liked these games and this was no exception. The volume on the one I was using was WAY louder than the one James was in and it kept screaming at me “TIME EXTENSION!!!” I had no idea what it meant and it was all very stressful. If anyone was watching us they would have thought we were nuts! Of course James won. He almost always does when it comes to games. But I got my own back when we went and sat on a couch with a table and played a game of Skipbo. I came out victorious on that one!

Finally we got on our plane which had a little TV for each person. So we were happily entertained for our whole flight.

I spent my time watching a very interesting documentary called “Becoming Warren Buffet”.

If you're interested in documentaries, business or biographies then I really recommend it! I thought it was great.

After 3 hours in the air we landed in SYDNEY! Hooray!

We got through customs and what not then headed underground to board the double decker train they have down there that takes you into the city. It was very expensive. It cost even more that the airport shuttles we have in New Zealand that drop you right to your door! But hey, you do what you've got to do, right?

We walked from the station to the little back packers we were staying in. We were accommodated by a little place called The Siesta Inn. I've never stayed in a back packers before and I was dubious about it. I didn't like the idea of sharing my bathroom, kitchen and lounge with random people but to my surprise it was actually fine. We had free unlimited wifi. The laundry machines were free. There wasn't too many people there so it didn't feel crowded and you didn't have to wait to use facilities. I was very happily surprised about it all. I recommend!

These burgers were seriously good!

These burgers were seriously good!

After we dropped all our bags in our rooms and got settled in we felt our stomachs begin to rumble again so off we went to find some dinner.

It was not an easy task. By this time it was around 9 pm and a lot of eateries were closed for the night. It was a beautiful warm night so we did not mind at all just wandering around the harbour and looking at all the lights of the city.

We found a little restaurant call Rashays. This is what we ate. Yum! They had some spectacular looking shakes on the menu but I was so full after this I couldn't squeeze one in.

We took another quick wander around the harbour on the way back. It was too beautiful not to stop and take some pictures. Sadly I only had my phone with me so the quality is just awful but you get the general idea.

Come back soon to find out how the rest of our Sydney Holiday went!