Alphabet Dating

I first heard of Alphabet Dating a long time ago when my best friend told me her parents had started doing it. I had no idea what it was but was curious because it sounded awesome.

After querying her about it for a bit I found that basically Alphabet Dating is where you go on 26 dates based on a letter of the alphabet. You go through them chronologically starting at A and ending with Z.

We were so fascinated with the idea we decided to jump straight in!

Here are some great tips and ideas on how to bring some fun to your relationship with alphabet dating!

Although we have been Alphabet Dating for a few years now we are only up to the letter G. This is not because it isn’t fun. On the contrary. It’s really fun. Quite honestly I have just been slack. Our date nights happen less and less frequently and when they do we often will just watch a movie in bed.

But as you’re aware I am actually a big believer in the power of Date Nights so I’m determined to crack back into them.  

James and I alternate who has to surprise the other person with the date. I started with “a”, then James “b”. Back to me with “c” and so on and so on. It’s actually so much fun.

For A we went to the arcade. We had so much fun and actually spent so much money playing everything we could! We had a ball. To our dismay I had accidentally left the lights on in my car and it was dead flat when we came back out. It was pouring with rain so we hopped in the car, pushed our seats backs all the way flat and sang random songs to each other until James's mum came to give my car a jump start. It was a night I don't think I'll forget.

For B we went to the beach. We got fish and chips and spent the evening having fun making sandcastles and throwing each others shoes into the ocean. 

For C we went on a double date with some friends of ours to the Canterbury A and P show. There is always a lot to look at there! It's huge! We all decided to go on the Ferris Wheel together because it looks kinda romantic on the Notebook. But I was sat next to a random man and his kid and James was as far from me as he possibly could be. Not so romantic. Also it kept creaking in the most terrifying manner! We got to watch a few sheep give birth which was pretty interesting! Overall we had a great time!

For D we went to Denny's for dinner and dessert. James had the Apricot Chicken and I had the Lasagna. We got banana splits for dessert and James ended up flinging strawberry ice cream all over me! After that we hired the movie Dirty Dancing and went home to watch it. 

For E I set up a surprise Easter egg hunt for James in the Edmonds Factory gardens. I had made lots of clues and hidden little eggs everywhere. After he found all the eggs we had an early picnic dinner and enjoyed all the chocolate!

For F James took me to a beautiful little spot called Corsair Bay for some fishing! We didn't catch anything but we still had fun! We played a board game together and enjoyed the summer sunshine! 

I really recommend you grab your partner and give it a try!

Here are some ideas to get you going with your alphabet dating,

  • Arcade, Animal Shelter, Antarctic Centre, Aquarium, Art Gallery, Archery, Antiquing, Art, Asian Cuisine, Appetizers Date ( Go to several restaurants and critique the appetizers), Auctions,

  • Bouncy Castle, Beach, Biking, Bowling, Botanic Gardens, Bookstore, Batting Cages, Boat Race (Homemade Boats), Ballet, Basketball, Bird Watching, Boat Ride, BBQ, Make a Couple’s Bucketlist

  • Carnival, Concert, Corn Maze, Climbing, Comedy Show, Camping, Country Fair, Cooking Class, Card Games, Cinema, Coffee Date, Chinese Cuisine, Circus, Cookie Baking Contest

  • Dancing, Dinner, Driving Range, Double Date, Drawing Competition, Donuts, Diving, Dress Up Date, Desserts Only, Go for a Drive,

  • Easter Egg Hunt, Edmonds Gardens, Exercise, Exploring, Early Bird ( Watch the sunrise), European Cuisine, Escape Games Online or for real!

  • Fishing, Farmers Market, Festivals, Fondue, Fireworks, Frisbee, Football, French Cuisine, Fish and Chips

  • Gondola, Golf, Geocaching, Game Night, Go Karts, Garage Sales, Gala, Gardening, Gardens, Greek Cuisine, German Cuisine

  • Hiking, Horse Riding, Hot Air Balloon, Haunted House,  

  • Ice Cream Sundaes, Ice Skating, Italian Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, Irish Dancing

  • Jazz, Jigsaw Puzzles, Jump Rope, Junk Food Night, Jetskiing, Jenga, Jam Making, Japanese Cuisine

  • Kite Flying, Kayaks, Karaoke, Kebabs, Korean Cuisine, Kitchen Date (cooking/baking together)

  • Lunch Date, Live Show, Limbo, Line Dancing, Lake, Laser Tag, Light Display, Longboarding, Lip-Sync Battle, Learn a Language, Lasagna, Library,

  • Movie, Massage, Manicure, Mini Golf, Museum, Music, Mountains, Mexican Cuisine, Moroccan Cuisine,

  • Night Market, Netflix, New Restaurant, Nerf War, Night Walk, Noodle Night, New Things

  • Outdoor Date, Ocean, Opera, Origami, Orchestra, Orchard, Obstacle Course, Omelettes

  • Playground, Picnic, Pool, Pool Table, Painting, Ping Pong, Photo Shoot, Putt-Putt, Pizza Date, Park, Pottery Class, Photography Competition

  • Quadruple Date, Quest, Quesadillas, Questions, Quilting

  • Road Trip, Roller Coaster, Roller Skates, Rock Climbing, Rock Concert, Race Track, Rowing, Roast, Russian Cuisine

  • Star Gazing, Swings, Swing Dancing, Shooting Range, Scuba Diving, Skiing, Segway Rides, Sailing, Sunset/Sunrise, Shopping, Scavenger Hunt, Sculpting, Make Sushi

  • Tag, Tennis, Twister, Tie Dye, Trampoline, Target Shooting, Treasure Hunt, Train Trip, Theater, Tenting (Either at a camping ground or make a tent in the living room), Thai Cuisine

  • Ultimate Frisbee, Ukulele, Undercover Lover (meet up somewhere and pretend you don't know each other), USA Cuisine

  • Vineyard, Video Games, Volleyball, Variety Night ( appetizers, dinner and dessert all from different cuisines), Vietnamese Cuisine

  • Wine Tasting, Walking Tour, Water Fight, Water Slide, Wii, Water Balloons, Walking, Wharf, Write Stories, Watercolour Painting, Waffles

  • Xbox, X Marks the Spot Treasure Hunt, eXhibits, eXpensive Taste (go to a fancy expensive restaurant)

  • Yoga, Youtube, Yo-Yo, Yachting, Yogurt Shop

  • Zoo, Zipline, Zumba, Zimbabwean Cuisine

Alphabet dating really is so much fun! I can’t wait to get back into it. Writing out this list has given me so many fun ideas and I can’t wait to get started.

Do you have anymore ideas I can add to my list? Let me know if you have or will give Alphabet Dating a try.