Date Night! Fish and Chips Picnic + Crate Escape

Okay so just a warning, I'm about to let myself go wild bragging about my husband!

My wonderful clever husband, after years of hard work finished his apprenticeship and is now a master painter! I could not be more proud of him! He has really applied himself to perfecting his skills and has achieved really high marks on all his assignments. I just want to show him off to everyone because I'm so so proud of what he's done.

So to celebrate his awesomeness we had a date night!

When he finished up on the last day of his course I met him across town for lunch. He decided on a fish and chips picnic in the park.

It was a beautiful but freezing winter's day. It was so nice having delicious hot chips to warm us up.

We sat on a bench and watched a group of preschoolers play on the playground in front of us. It was hilarious. Children do and say the funniest things. I had a child stop me to show me that he had deliberately put a blob of mud on his bike so he could see how long it would take for it to fall off. So random!

Later that night I arranged a surprise activity for us. I know that my husband is an activities kind of guy. He's not one who loves sitting quietly or just chatting for hours. He absolutely loves games. Board games, card games, word games, computer games, PlayStation games, strategy games. Any sort of game you can think of James will most likely love it! So the perfect thing came up.  I found an escape room only a 4 minute drive from our house!

If you haven't heard of escape rooms then let me enlighten you.

An escape room is based on the escape the room computer games. It's a game in which the people playing are locked in a room and have to solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives. The players are given a set time limit to complete all the tasks which will unlock the room so they can escape.  

We had so much fun!

For this particular escape room you had to find 4 keys to a time machine to unlock the room. We had 60 minutes. At the beginning we had no idea what to do but after a few minutes we got into the zone and it started flowing beautifully.

Feeling elated after we escaped the crate!

Feeling elated after we escaped the crate!

We managed to complete it in 54 minutes. They man in the office said that was about the average time but he didn't have to give us as many clues as most people so he thought we did really well!

We definitely left feeling like our brains had had a workout!

It was an absolute hit! He wants us to go to another one next week with some friends of ours.

If you're looking for a fun date night idea I would so recommend trying an escape room! It gets you working together, laughing, communicating, and having a good time!

Have you ever tried an escape room?