Super Secret Surprise Birthday Date

Just over a week ago I had my birthday! I had such a lovely weekend and was thoroughly spoilt by my family!

Recently I've been living about an hour and a half away from my husband James during the week and we stay together on the weekends. It's been pretty challenging but he's pretty special so planned a super secret surprise date for us the day before my birthday. I was not expecting it at all and it was so lovely!

He packed up a big picnic brunch for us and we sped in his little white car up the hill that I lived on all of my child life to one of the paddocks my parents own.

It was a stunning winter's day. The sun was shining and there were big puffy white clouds. We laid out a picnic blanket (which was quite necessary because the grass was saturated).

Here is a glimpse at all the yummy treats my husband spoiled me with!

We had cheese and crackers, dragon fruit, mandarins, scrambled eggs, yoghurt, lollies and something. Oh what a treat!

James also packed the camera up so we could get a photo together. He's such a sweetie!

We spent around 2 hours picnicking, exploring around the hills, mooing at some cows and seeing who would throw a rock and hit a predetermined fence post first (I won).

After spending weeks apart I was so grateful that he put in that effort to take me out and have some quality time together. I am a very blessed wife!