Aligning Life One Step at a Time with God's Word, God's World and God's Plan

I've been a little absent on the blog for actually ages.

As I've shared on my Instagram almost a year ago I moved to the country. In the last year I've lived in 4 different houses. I think I'm staying put in my current house for a while. I'm really hoping so! I'm not someone who loves moving. Does anyone really love moving? It is the biggest hassle.

Anyway, the house I'm in now and have been in for the last 6 months has no internet. And no cellphone reception. Yep. Let that soak in. I'm telling you, it's rough.

As a kid I had no internet or cellphone reception and it didn't bother me. I couldn't have cared less.

I just didn't know what I was missing out on!

For the last 8 years I've been a city dweller and have become so used to having my friend Google around to yell me the answer to all of my questions. And my other friend Facebook messenger to alert me when my real friends message me. I have a very close group of friends people! We are spread out all over the country and we are very chatty! Because I can't regularly keep up with it, when I get into reception or a wifi zone I'll end up in a group chat with 72 messages I've got to sift through and reply to. It's insane!

My problem is finally over. My dear husband at long last got a hold of the only internet provider for this tiny country location and people, we have WiFi! I am so excited! Can you tell?

Aligning Life One Step at a Time with God's Word, God's World and God's Plan.jpg


While having no wifi has been hard, there have been a few things I've learnt from it.

1. I was super addicted to my phone.

Yep. I was.

How do I know? Because of how many times I clicked my Instagram or Facebook app without internet. Just in general how often I would check my phone and then remember that there is no internet or cellphone reception so there is absolutely no possible way for me to have gotten a message or for there to be some super fun update for me to see on social media.

Yeesh. I was bad.

2. The world does go on with out my phone or wifi.

I might not get any of my emails or messages for a few days and therefore cannot reply but people keep going. They're fine. I'm fine. The world continues to spin.

3. I actually maybe, totally needed a break from technology.

I did. I was getting pretty miserably unproductive. I just kept checking my email. Or watching more YouTube videos. Or if just look another time at my social media feeds to see if anyone had something exciting to say.

Havin this time to totally detox has been great. I needed it big time.

4. I like reading! I had no idea.

I've always been someone who tells people, “nah, I don't really like reading and I don't have the time. I'm way to busy.”

Well I found out that that is nonsense.

Here is my reading history for the last few years.

Pre-2015 (before I was pushing myself to read more) - maybe 1 or 2 books a year. Maybe 0.

2015 - 5 (this felt like a push)

2016 - 8 (this felt like a push)

2017 -12 (hit my goal but only just and I was cramming in the last couple of weeks and probably only got there because the last 2 months of the year I had no internet.)

2018 - 8 so far. I'm happily on track to accomplish my goal of 24 books this year. This feels so easy and good.

It's so funny how I changed one simple thing, no internet and all of a sudden I have stacks more time for reading. Interesting isn't it.

5.Life is actually better when I'm not constantly online.

Oh my word, it really is. I love the internet. Glad to have it again. But boy, I love real connection. Having no internet has freed me up to spend time with real people. To connect with God in a more real way. To feel a real physical book. To go walking in peace. To notice my beautiful world instead of the screen on my phone.

This 6 months has made a real impact on me and my life. I'm incredibly grateful for it. It has actually made a change in me. I now value more real and less virtual. I feel more grounded.

This 6 months has also shaped the direction I want to take my blog a little more. I honestly didn't have much direction before because I wanted to blog about anything that took my fancy at the moment.

My new tagline for the blog is “Aligning life one step at a time with God's word, God's world and God's plan.”

This is a threefold idea.

I want to move my life more and more into His word. I want His book to be my main book. My favorite book. One I read daily and from which my whole life flows.

I want to move my life in the direction of His world. I live in a stunningly beautiful place. I want to connect myself to the planet. Live with His creation and enjoy this beautiful place He has given me to live.

And finally I want to move my life in a way that accepts His plans over my own. Dealing with infertility and miscarriage has been burdening me for years. Of course I'm going to continue to write about these subjects. Theyre important. But through it I want to line myself up with His plan more and more and develop a deeper trust in Him.

So that's where we are going. Keep coming back to stay in touch with my journey in these directions.