Winter Bucket List 2018

So for Matariki this year I decided I wanted to create some (Maori) New Years goals and resolutions. 

Well that didn't go exactly to plan. My life is kind of a mess of confusion right now and there's just no way that in one day I'm going to even remotely come up with a plan that will fix it. 

So instead of some lofty, wonderful, life-changing goals I wrote myself a Winter Bucket List. And you know what, I'm kind of excited about it. It may not be life-changing but it gives me some sort of fun plans. Right now that's good enough for me. 

So without further ado, here is my Winter Bucket List.

Winter Bucket List 2018 h.jpg


  • Build a snowman

  • Perfect my chai latte recipe

  • Try a new soup recipe

  • Throw a super games night at my house

  • Feaster

  • Develop an indoor workout routine

  • Marshmallow toasting/s'mores

  • Go stargazing

  • Read a book in the tub

  • Have a winter themed “date myself” night

  • Have a movie marathon and munchies day with James

  • Electronic free day

  • Start doing art again

  • Go for a walk in the snow

  • Make hot chocolate and drive up the hill to watch a sunrise

  • Make cinnamon rolls

  • Buy Kahlua

  • Make a bird feeder

  • Eat snow

  • Make cookies or something for my family

  • Read 6 books

  • Make some candles

  • Collect pinecones

  • Do a jigsaw

  • Go to town on a Saturday for a date day with James

  • Celebrate the beginning of Winter

  • Go to Akaroa for a meal

  • Start alphabet dating again

  • Country themed date night

  • Invent a game with James

  • Go to an escape room

  • Make a baked brie

  • Do face mask together

  • Go out for dessert

  • Make a good moisturizer

  • Have a fondue night

  • Start a compost bin

  • Have some people over for dinner

  • Work on my scrapbooking

  • Shift around a room in my house

  • Relearn how to play the piano


Winter Bucket List 2018 v (1).jpg

There you have it folks. My Winter Bucket List for 2018! 

Do you have a bucket list for this coming season? I'd love to know what some of your items are!